Corporate Tenders

If your business has multiple sites or if you spend over £50,000 a year on business water rates then you could benefit from undertaking a corporate tender. Moving into a business water contract puts your business on more competitive rates, allows you to choose how you are invoiced, and can improve the current customer service that you receive.


The Corporate Tender Process

  • 1Initial Enquiry
  • 2Data Collection
  • 3Comparison
  • 4Your Review
Initial Enquiry
What we do?

One of our team will get in contact with you to understand how many sites your business has, your current annual spend for water and, your requirements moving forward to move to a new water supplier.

What you do?

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Save money on business water now

If you have never switched your water supplier you are likely to be paying over the odds to your business water supplier. If you spend more than £50,000 per year on water then undertake a corporate tender to see what you could save. You will also benefit from improved customer service and accurate invoicing by comparing and switching providers.

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"Tens of thousands of UK businesses are on default tariffs with their business water supplier"
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