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Switching through The Business Water Shop is easy. If you choose to proceed with a water switch then we handle everything for you. We process the switch with suppliers, give you a switching date and manage the entire journey, to make things as smooth as possible for you.

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Why switch your business water supply?

Switching your business water supplier allows you to benefit from competitive water and wastewater rates, improved customer service, and bespoke invoicing. You can choose how you pay for your water invoices and also how often you pay, depending on the size of your water supply

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Our trusted
supplier network

Our trusted supplier network helps your business secure the best deal for your water & waste supply. We only work with suppliers that we trust, and have excellent customer service and competitive pricing. By using The Business Water Shop you are easily able to compare business water suppliers and compare business water rates, ensuring that you get the right water contract for your business.

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What our customers say about us

  • “Really great service, helping me find the best option for business water at my property. Process is really easy. ”
    M. Falcus
  • “I have used them twice now and will definitely come back again. Very highly recommended!!”
    D. Westfallen
  • “Really prompt and efficient service. Probably took me no more than 5-10 mins in total to switch to a cheaper supplier”
    P. Davies
  • “Fast, efficient service. Found the best price and easy to switch! ”
    L. Hall
  • “Very helpful and efficient would definitely recommend”
    J. Walker
  • “Excellent service, to the point and took care of everything quickly at ease.”
    CK Property
  • “The transfer was quick, easy and painless. Recommended. ”
    J. Arthur
A selection of our clients
  • How do I switch business water suppliers?
  • You can switch your business water supplier by using our business water comparison service. By submitting your details into our form we compare water suppliers and compare business water rates for you. Once you have chosen your new business water supplier, we arrange the water switch and take care of everything for you.

  • What is a SPID number?
  • A SPID is your Supply Point ID. These are numbers that correspond to different supply points in the market to help identify your supply.

  • Where can I find my SPID number?
  • Your SPID number can be found on a copy of a recent invoice. If you can’t find yours then don’t panic, get in touch with us and we can try and help find it for you.

  • How do I compare water suppliers?
  • You are able to compare business water rates and compare business water suppliers through our Business Water Comparison Service. We will find and compare competitive water rates for your business to help you choose the best water deal for your business.

  • How do you work out my annual consumption?
  • Your annual consumption is based on historical readings and forecasted forwards. If you think the consumption isn’t accurate when we send you your quote then send over a recent meter reading and we can adjust this for you.

  • If I’ve been overcharged for water, can I claim the money back?
  • If you think you have been overcharged for water in the past then we can undertake a water audit for your business to see if we can make a claim for you. The water audit allows us to go back 6 years to check if you have been overcharged. If you would like to understand more or undertake a water audit then take a look at our water audit page.

  • Do I need to contact my previous supplier if I choose to switch?
  • No, we will take care of everything and deal with the suppliers for you.

  • What happens if I have paid my current bill in advance?
  • If you have paid for your bill in advance with your current supplier then you will get your money back for the water that you have not used. When your supply switches over, your previous supplier will credit the money back to you (if they owe you anything) after your switch date. Each supplier will use the same opening read and closing read so you are not overcharged during this period.

  • Do I have to pay VAT on my water bill?
  • Water services are typically zero-rated for VAT. There are however exceptions if your business falls into the following SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes then your invoice will include VAT.

    01 – Energy and water supply industries

    02 – Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metals, mineral products, and chemicals

    03 – Metal goods, engineering, and vehicle industries. Manufacture of metal goods not elsewhere specified

    04 – Other manufacturing industries

    05 – Construction