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London businesses are now able to switch their business water provider. Switching water suppliers allows businesses in London to benefit from competitive pricing and improved customer service.

Use our quick business water comparison service to see what your business could save today.

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Comparing business water rates in London

In April 2017 the English business water market was deregulated. This change meant that businesses across England, including London, were able to switch their water supplier. With our business water comparison service, you are able to compare the best water suppliers in London and compare the most competitive business water suppliers in the market.

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. The river Thames winds through its heart surrounded by thousands of different businesses all bringing life to the city. London is an international business hub boasting the largest stock exchange in Europe and also makes itself home to an array of different small businesses that are the backbone of the city. All businesses large or small in London are now able to choose and switch their business water supplier, and in turn, receive a better level of customer service and more competitive business water rates.


Switch water suppliers in London

Switching business water suppliers in London is a simple process and couldn’t be easier. For businesses in London, to switch water suppliers all you need to do is put your details into our business water comparison service, and we do all the work for you. Choosing your new water supplier allows your business to benefit from improved customer service, competitive rates, and regular and accurate invoicing.

Our water comparison service will let you know what prices are available for your business, you then choose which quote to proceed with, and we set everything up for you. If your business is in London and you have never switched water suppliers, then why not compare water rates for your business today?

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Additional Services

Business water AuditClaim a refund for overcharges

Water loggers – Monitor your business usage in real time

Water-saving devices – Reduce your water consumption and save money

Online account – Manage invoices and submit meter readings in one place

Corporate Tenders – For large consumers or multi-site businesses

Improved customer service for
businesses in London

Switching your business’s water supplier allows you to benefit from improved customer service, accurate billing and timely meter reads. If you are unhappy with the current level of customer service that your water supplier is providing then it could be beneficial to look to an alternative water supplier that can offer an enhanced customer service experience.

You may not be being billed correctly for your water supply, if so, then it may be best to switch your business water supplier to a company that can offer precise billing that matches your meter reads. Some suppliers read the meter more than others, choosing the right water retailer would help save you time and the hassle of taking a meter reading.


Business Water Suppliers in London

Since 2017 businesses in London are able to switch to a new business water supplier. They will oversee conducting meter reads, invoicing, and the customer service you receive.

There are over 15 business water suppliers that can cover the capital city, London. with each supplier offering tailored benefits to suit your business. This could be from how frequently you are billed to personal account managers. All suppliers have different benefits so please get in touch and we can find the right fit for you.

Is your business in London? Compare water prices today

If your business is based in London and you have not yet switched your water supplier then use our business water comparison service to see what your business can save. By Switching your water retailer your business can benefit from improved customer service, competitive pricing, and tailored invoicing.


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