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Water Supplier Spotlight - Wave Utilities

Wave Utilities are a leading national water and wastewater retailer which was formed when two regional companies Anglian Water Business and NWG Business came together to create a new business. The formation of Wave Utilities was a 50/50 joint venture split between the two. Anglian Water for Business was the first English company to be granted a water retail license in Scotland and began serving the Scottish water market soon after market deregulation in 2008, and moved into the English market in 2017 with the formation of Wave Utilities.

Wave Utilities now works with over 300,000 businesses across England and Scotland helping them lower their water usage and reduce their water bills through their years of experience in the water industry. Wave is also a multi-utility retailer offering gas and electricity services with the intention to make utilities a bundle which are easy to manage. Their head office is based in Peterborough and their registered office is in Durham.

Wave Utilities works with businesses of all sizes from hairdressers to hotel chains, whilst also managing all of Scotland’s public sector. They believe that their customer proposition goes beyond competitive pricing and that they deliver real value to their customers.

Wave Utilities offer competitive retail services and tailored solutions for small and large businesses alike. By offering flexible payment methods with single site or consolidated billing, Wave is able to offer excellent customer service to the businesses they work with. Wave Utilities also offer online account management, leak detection, and water efficiency services. This helps businesses they work with keep their water usage and their overheads down.

Wave Utilities invested in customer service and IT capabilities to help adapt to the market deregulations in April 2017, this has helped them give their customers a better service experience as a result.

Wave Utilities have years of experience with public sector bodies and are proud to work with over 60 public sector organisations throughout England & Scotland. They continue to take more on board and encourage other public bodies to join them to also receive the great service they can offer.

Wave Utilities also works with brokers and consultants in the market as well. Water brokers and consultants play an important part in the water retail market helping businesses compare business water suppliers and compare business water rates to find the best deal for their business. If you want to compare water prices for your business then use our business water comparison service to see what deals are available.

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Wave Utilities have been recognised with various awards including:

  • Employee Centric Company
  • Employee Engagement – Health and Wellbeing
  • Water Retailer of the Year - 2021

How to contact Wave Utilities?


Tel: 0333 207 9283

Wave Utilities Online Account:

Wave Utilities on Trustpilot:


Wave Utilities registered Address: Northumbria House, Abbey Road, Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5FJ

If you wish to write to Wave Utilities then either contact them at or write them at Wave Utilities, Wave Utilities, PO Box 745, Huntingdon, PE29 9PW

Wave Utilities Online Account Login:

Wave Utilities Online Account allows you to pay your bills and view your previous bills online. You are also able to submit meter reads, monitor consumption, and view meter supply locations. In addition, the Wave Utilities Online Account allows you to set up direct debits, raise queries and update your account details.

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